14 Posts That Capture The Magic Of #HomeToVote

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The Irish Referendum on Abortion

On Friday May 25th the Republic of Ireland voted to overturn the country’s longstanding abortion ban. With a 66.4% voting majority, the win was celebrated as a monumental landslide victory for reproductive rights.

And along the way, in the days leading up to the vote, something else monumental was brewing on Twitter: the hashtag #HomeToVote began trending globally as Irish citizens from around the world embarked on their homeward journeys to vote in the referendum.

Call us biased, but there are few things that will restore your faith in humanity as quickly as a scroll through the #HomeToVote thread. Bravery, solidarity, and compassion were on full display for the world to see, and it was nothing short of magical.

We were so taken by the power of #HomeToVote that we decided to dedicate a full blog post simply to capturing some of it’s magic. Below are a few of our favorite tweets, and why we think that they’re emblematic of the movement.

Overwhelming Generosity

From donated plane tickets to coordinated ride shares, #HomeToVote wasn’t going to leave anyone behind. Not only were these acts of generosity moving, they were smart: nine out of ten Irish emigrants surveyed were voting to overturn the ban.

Intersectional Solidarity

For many, Friday’s vote was not only about abortion. It was testimony to a larger coalition of allies working to support each other’s right to autonomy, safety, dignity, and freedom. #LoveWins #TransRights

Much Needed Homage

#HomeToVote reminded us time and time again of the real cost that women had to bear under the Eighth Amendment. Not only have legal restrictions pushed an estimated 170,000 Irish women to seek abortion abroad since 1980, but it’s cost many women their lives.

Parents For The Win

All the posts on #HomeToVote tugged at our heartstrings, but it was the parents and grandparents who pushed us over the edge. Thank you for helping to ensure a safer, freer Ireland for future generations.

A Way With Words

Whether quoting poetry or sharing their own poignant perspectives, many of the posts on #HomeToVote proved that the Irish truly do have an unparalleled way with words. And we just couldn’t get enough of it.

Global Support

Irish citizens weren’t the only ones tracking #HomeToVote. The international community was abuzz with messages of support and solidarity, making the Irish repeal a truly global victory.

‘Standing With An Army’

#HomeToVote was many things: witty and heartwarming; tender and provocative; honest and unashamed. But above all, #HomeToVote was massive. It tracked a mass migration of citizens as they travelled home to protect the right to bodily autonomy. We are honored and grateful to have been taken along for the journey.

Thank you, Ireland, for voting to repeal the 8th amendment. As a country where 78.3% identify as Catholic, you reminded the world that safe abortion is a human right worth fighting for, no matter what institutions say otherwise.

Now we move onward, together.

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