Abortion Laws in Argentina

Safe and secureIs abortion legal in Argentina?

Since 1921 when the Civil Code was enacted, a few situations in which abortion is not criminalized were included:

  • When the pregnancy is a result of rape
  • When the pregnancy poses a risk to the life of the pregnant person
  • When the pregnancy poses a risk to the health of the pregnant person

Under Argentine law, “health” does not only imply physical health, but mental and social health as well.

In 2012, the National Supreme Court issued a ruling (Fallo F.A.L) that requires the Argentine State and the Provincial States to guarantee access to safe abortion in these three situations.

In 2015, the National Health Ministry published a protocol that detailed how to attend to and guarantee access to safe abortion in all public and private health facilities.

Safe and secureWhat are the different abortion services available in Argentina?

  • Manual Aspiration
  • Abortion by pill (Misoprostol)
  • Dilation and Curettage

Safe and secureWho can perform abortions in Argentina?

Manual Aspiration needs to be performed by a health professional. Dilation and Curettage needs to be performed by a doctor. And an abortion with medications needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

Safe and secureWhere can I go for abortion services in Argentina?

A legal termination of pregnancy can be performed in any hospital or public health center, private or public. Nevertheless, not all institutions offer this practice.

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Safe and secureWhat is the cost of an abortion in Argentina?

An abortion within the Argentinian public health system is free. However, not all jurisdictions guarantee the access to a pregnancy termination. In some center the medication is provided by municipal or provincial sexual health programs. Other centers do not administer the medications, but instead write prescriptions.

Within the private system, the price varies. Social works must also guarantee access to safe abortion. A box of misoprostol pills costs around 4000 pesos.

Safe and secureWhat are the legal and safe drugs available in Argentina?

As of now, misoprostol is the only legally obtained medication in Argentina.

Safe and secureCan I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Argentina?

Getting misoprostol at a pharmacy in Argentina requires a medical prescription.

However, there are pharmacies that illegally provide medications without prescriptions, including misoprostol.

There are also many health centers in the country that provide misoprostol free of charge.

Safe and secureCan I buy abortion pills online?

Yes, if you visit websites like www.womenhelp.org or www.womenonweb.org

Safe and secureWho can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Argentina?