Who Can Use Abortion Pills?

I had a previous female sterilization (tubal ligation). It didn’t work and I became pregnant. The pregnancy was in the tube (ectopic pregnancy). I am now pregnant again. Is it safe for me to use the abortion pills?

No, it is not safe to use abortion pills if you know that you are at risk for ectopic pregnancy. Because you had a tubal ligation, we know there is scarring in your tubes (Fallopian tubes). That’s probably why your last pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy. The Fallopian tubes are where a female egg is fertilized with a male sperm. The pregnancy starts to grow and move along the tube to the womb. If your tube is scarred, the early pregnancy can get trapped in the tube. As the pregnancy grows, it can cause the tube to break open. If the tube breaks open, this can cause major bleeding inside you, which is life threatening. You are at risk for another ectopic pregnancy. You should not use the abortion pills on your own until a healthcare provider is sure that the pregnancy is in the womb, not in your tubes.


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