To manage abortion by yoursef

Dem do dis course for anyone wey wan learn about how dem go manage abortion by demself, or to comot belle for house. Wit di information wey you go learn for dis course, you go fit help make sure say to comot belle wit tablet dey safe, easy to get, and secure. Médecins Sans Frontières and join hand take produce di course.

Lesson 1. I don get belle?

You wan dey sure about your belle? Make you browse dis vidio to get information wey related to confirm your belle

Belle, Done cari belle

Belle – both di one wey you plan and di one wey you no plan – na experience wey dey common.

For di whole world – dey no plan more dan 40% of belle wey dey around di world.

If you no wan cari belle but think say you fit get belle, you no dey alone.

For dis vidio, we go tok about how to confirm belle.

First, e dey important to know say belle dey happun afta sex wen sperm wey comot from di penis enter into di vagina.

Contraception dey help prevent belle during sex, but e get small chance say you fit still get belle.

Di sign wey dey show belle early and e dey reliable pass na wen you miss your period.

If you don have sex and notice say your monthly period don late, you fit don get belle.

Other sign wey dey show belle and e dey common bi vomiting, headache, you go dey feel tired, your breast go swell up and e go dey soft.

If you get any of dese symtoms, plus you don miss your period, chances dey wey bi say you don cari belle.

If you tink say you fit don get belle, you fit confirm am by doing urine belle test.

Dem dey sell test for belle for pharmarcy and stores wey dey near you, or you fit go to hospital to get get one.

No bi must say you go do test for belle before you go comot belle with tablets.

If you get signs and symtoms of belle, or if test for belle dey positive, but you no wan cari belle, you fit decide to comot di belle.

You fit comot di belle with tablets or through operation method.

Make you follow dis vidio series as we wey dey provide di truth, information wey based on evidence and answer questions wey dem dey ask all di time about abortion with tablets before belle reach 13 weeks.

For our next vidio, we don answer di question, “How far my belle don reach?” dey associated with di 501c(3) organization wey no be for profit wey di head quarters dey registered for U.S. dey bring message wey dem plan for only information purpose and e no dey associated with medical organization.