Abortion in Benin


Is abortion legal in Benin?

Voluntary interruption of pregnancy shall be authorised on prescription by a doctor when:

  • “The continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life and health of the pregnant woman;
  • The pregnancy is the consequence of a rape or an incestuous relationship and the request is made by the pregnant woman if she is an adult, or by her legal representatives in the case of a minor;
  • The ‘unborn child’ is suffering from a particularly serious condition at the time of diagnosis.”

Also, “at the request of the pregnant woman, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy may be authorised when the pregnancy is likely to aggravate or cause a situation of material, educational, professional or moral distress incompatible with the interests of the woman and/or the ‘unborn child’.”

The voluntary interruption of pregnancy contemplated in the above cases has to take place before 13 weeks of gestation.


What are the different abortion services available in Benin?

In Benin, surgical methods using manual vacuum aspirations and medical abortion using abortion pills are available, whether for voluntary or involuntary, complete or incomplete abortions.


Who can provide a safe abortion in Benin?

Medical abortion can be carried out by qualified trained medical staff (gynecologists, doctors, midwives and nurses) in a suitable centre that meets appropriate quality standards, in accordance with the implementing decree of 12 April 2023.

Manual intrauterine vacuum aspiration (MVA) is provided in private clinics, public centres and maternity wards by gynecologists, doctors and midwives. In the case of public maternity wards, MVA can also be provided by nurses, after receiving training.


Where can I go for abortion services in Benin?

Abortion services are available in public SONU centres (Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care), some public health centres and some private clinics.


What is the cost of a medical abortion in Benin?

In Benin, the cost of safe abortion varies from 10,000 to 35,000 f.

The cost of a manual intrauterine vacuum aspiration (MVA) varies from one centre to another and from one clinic to another, ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 f, but this is all set to change as the government is implementing a policy to standardise the price of procedures, whether in private clinics or public centres.


What abortion pills are available in Benin?

  • Misoprostol, such as Misofem, Avertiso, ACE-Miso
  • Combipack (i.e. mifepristone and misoprostol) such as Mifépack, Miféso, Médabon

Where can I buy abortion pills in Benin?

In Benin, abortion pills can be bought in pharmacies with a prescription from a gynaecologist, doctor or sometimes a midwife.

What do abortion pills look like in Benin?






Avertiso tablets misoprostol


Mifeso Mifepristone & misoprostol tablets


What are the post-abortion care services available in Benin?

Post abortion services include the treatment of abortion complications, contraceptive services, counselling and STI prevention.

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