Abortion in Chile


Is abortion legal in Chile?

Law 21.030 decriminalizes voluntary termination of pregnancy under three circumstances, authorizing abortion in Chile only in the following cases:

  • When the woman’s life is at risk, such that terminating the pregnancy avoids a danger to her life;
  • When the fetus suffers from a congenital, acquired, or genetic pathology that is incompatible with independent extrauterine life;
  • When the pregnancy is the result of rape, provided that no more than twelve weeks of gestation have passed. In the case of minors under 14 years of age, it can be performed up to fourteen weeks of gestation.

What are the abortion services available in Chile?

If the pregnancy falls under one of the three legal grounds under Chilean legislation, the method to be used for the termination of the pregnancy will be evaluated. This will depend on the invoked ground, the gestational age, the health conditions of the woman and the embryo, but also on the methods available at the health center.

The safe methods used in Chile are: the use of medications (misoprostol or mifepristone+misoprostol) and manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). However, some health centers continue to use uterine curettage, a procedure that is no longer recommended.

Note: Curettage is an invasive method that involves more risk and days of recovery. International organizations do not recommend it unless it is the only possible option.


Who can provide a safe abortion in Chile?

The MVA must be performed by a trained and skilled medical professional in gynecology and obstetrics. The same applies to the uterine curettage procedure.

Likewise, medications (mifepristone and/or misoprostol) must be prescribed by a health professional and will be administered to the patient in the same health facility.

There are also secure networks of feminist organizations that provide information, guidance, and advice on questions related to abortion in Chile, whether within the legal grounds or outside them. Some of these organizations are: Corporación Miles, Colectiva Ruda, and Con las amigas y en la casa, among others.


Where can I go for abortion services in Chile?

If you fall under one of the three legal grounds, you can go to a public or private health center, where it will be evaluated – according to the requirements of each ground – whether the voluntary termination of pregnancy is appropriate.

If the health center refuses to perform the abortion citing conscientious objection, they are obligated to refer you to the nearest health service.

If the abortion does not correspond to any of the legal grounds, it is advisable to contact secure feminist networks, who can provide guidance and information.


What is the cost of a safe abortion in Chile?

The cost of terminating a pregnancy under the grounds specified by the law will depend on the health plan (FONASA or ISAPRE) of the applicant, as well as whether they will go to a public or private health center.

In the case of contacting secure feminist networks, the suggested value associated with the abortion pills is approximately $50,000 (CLP), about USD 57, but this amount may vary depending on the organization you contact.


Which abortion pills are available in Chile?

In Chile, misoprostol and mifepristone are available, but their use is authorized only within hospitals.

Can I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Chile?

The sale of abortion pills is prohibited by criminal and administrative regulations in Chile. However, it is possible to obtain abortion pills online. Ideally, this should be done through secure networks, because if it is done through the informal market, there is a risk of possible scams.


What do abortion pills look like in Chile?

Misoprostol can come in different shapes (hexagonal, oval, round, etc.), but what is important is that the pills should come in their original sealed blister packaging, as this preserves the properties of the medication. You should never accept the medication if it comes loose in a plastic bag. There are no different types of misoprostol (for example, vaginal or sublingual misoprostol); it is just one medication that can be used in different parts of the body.

Misoprostol abortion pills in Chile

Abortion pills in Chile, Misoprostol

Misoprostol abortion pills in Chile


What are the post-abortion care services available in Chile?

Post-abortion care services in Chile are focused on situations of spontaneous abortion or voluntary termination of pregnancy under three grounds (IVE Law). In situations of abortion outside the law, as in the case of self-managed abortion, there is the possibility of being reported to the police. However, it is important to mention that you are not obliged to give explanations in the case of an induced abortion to receive medical care.

Post-abortion care services include treatment of complications, as well as preventive care and fertility regulation, such as access to contraceptives and preventive gynecological exams. The cost will depend on your health insurance, and/or if you are treated in the public or private health sector.

There are also organizations that can resolve post-abortion inquiries, such as Corporación Miles, which has a counseling space focused on sexual and reproductive health. Likewise, the organization APROFA has services for care in sexual and reproductive health.



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