Abortion in Mozambique


Is abortion legal in Mozambique?

Abortion is legal in Mozambique within the following parameters:

  • Up to 12 weeks of gestation at the request of the pregnant person
  • Up to 16 weeks if the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape.
  • Up to 24 weeks in cases of congenital malformation, serious illness with no possibility of cure.
  • Without a gestational age limit if it constitutes the only means of removing the danger of death and irreversible injury, unviable fetus, chronic degenerative diseases.

What are the different abortion services available in Mozambique?

The approved methods for safe abortion in Mozambique are:

  • Medical abortion (Mifepristone + Misoprostol, or Misoprostol only if Mifepristone is not available)
  • Surgical abortion (Manual Vacuum Aspiration, MVA)

Who can provide a safe abortion in Mozambique?

In Mozambique, a safe abortion can be provided by trained, qualified professionals such as Gynecologist-Obstetricians, Superior Maternal Health Technicians and Maternal & Child Health Nurses.


Where can I go for abortion services in Mozambique?

Abortion services are available in public health facilities (hospitals and health centres).

You can also go to any of the 5 DKT Intimo private partner clinics offering abortion services – located in Maputo, Gaza, Sofala, Inhambane, and Cabo Delgado provinces.

AMODEFA is another NGO that delivers comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including services for young people and post-abortion care, at a network of clinics across the country. AMODEFA has clinics in Maputo, Namaacha, Boane, Xai-Xai and Quelimane.

Medical abortion pills (Seguro and Miso-Intimo) are also available at private sector pharmacies throughout the country and can be bought upon the presentation of a medical prescription.


What is the cost of a safe abortion in Mozambique?

  • In the public sector, abortion services are free.
  • The total cost of a complete safe abortion at a DKT Intimo clinic is no more than 1,000 MZN (US$ 15.87).
  • Seguro (medical abortion pills) ranges between 500MZN and 1,200 MZN (US$ 7.94 and US$ 19.05) at private sector pharmacies.

Which abortion pills are available in Mozambique?

  • Misoprostol (Miso-Intimo)
  • Mife-misoprostol (Seguro)

Where can I buy abortion pills in Mozambique?

You can buy abortion pills in almost any private sector pharmacy country-wide with the presentation of a medical prescription, in accordance with the law.


What do abortion pills look like in Mozambique?

Misoprostol (Miso-Intimo)

Seguro Mife-Miso combi pack

Mife-misoprostol (Seguro)

Miso-Intimo Misoprostol Only

What are the post-abortion care services available in Mozambique?

After the abortion, there are family planning services and methods available at DKT Intimo family planning clinics as well as private sector pharmacies throughout the country at affordable prices. It is possible to choose from a full range of modern contraceptive methods to prevent another unwanted pregnancy. A toll-free hotline number 9 29 29 and the WhatsApp number 848100540 are also available for any abortion or family planning related queries and follow-up.


Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Mozambique?

  • DKT Mozambique: You can contact the DKT toll-free hotline number 9 2929, WhatsApp 848100540 or visit the website for additional abortion information and support in Mozambique.
  • SMSBiz: This is an SMS-based confidential information service on reproductive and sexual health, targeting young people, that can be accessed by sending a SMS with the word “juntar” to 92222.
  • AMODEFA: They provide a wide range of high quality, affordable reproductive and sexual health services including information and counseling. Email: informe@amodefa.org.mz; Tel: 823031649/21-405109.

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