Abortion in Myanmar

Abortion in Myanmar is highly restricted and permitted only to save the life of the woman. Post abortion care services can be provided at primary and secondary health care centres and facilities. These services can cost anywhere between 70 – 300 USD (99418 MMK – 426080 MMK)


Is abortion legal in Myanmar?

While abortion is generally illegal, the Myanmar Government has drafted the Protection and Prevention of Violence Against Women (PoVAW) bill . It includes –

  • An abortion-related change which is, if the rape survivor was pregnant as a consequence of rape, she can assess safe abortion service after getting the approval from the Board.1
    • However, imprisonment of up to 3 years and/or a fine will be subjected against any individual who performs an abortion, including women who induce their own abortion and any doctor who performs an abortion risks losing his/her license.2

What are the different abortion services available in Myanmar?

Myanmar provides both medical abortion and surgical abortion services.

  • Medical Abortion (MA) by Misoprostol
  • Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)

Post Abortion Care (PAC) services are available at public facilities, however, many women either do not seek the services due to stigma and quality and safe access to PAC services remains a challenge.3


Who can perform legal abortions in Myanmar?

In Myanmar, post abortion care services can be provided by:

  • Public Health Facilities
  • Private Hospitals
  • *NGOs like Marie Stopes International and Ipas work closely with the Ministry in training service providers to be competent enough to provide PAC services.4

Where can I go for legal abortion services in Myanmar?

The Ministry of Health of Myanmar issued a Post Abortion Care Reference Manual in 2015 discussing the necessary steps in order to provide a quality post abortion care. Post abortion care services can be provided at primary and secondary health care Centres and facilities.5


What is the cost of a safe abortion in Myanmar?

The price of an abortion in Myanmar depends on the type of abortion as well as the provider. Post abortion care services can cost anywhere between 70 – 300 US Dollars (99418 MMK – 426080 MMK)


Which abortion pills are available in Myanmar?

Misoprostol alone is available under the brand name Miso-Fem.

Where can I buy abortion pills in Myanmar?

Misoprostol is available at pharmacies in the country (because it can be used for other therapeutic purposes) but access to this medicine is heavily regulated.


What do the abortion pills look like in Myanmar?

The most common brand name for abortion pills in Myanmar is Miso-Fem. This is what the Miso-Fem abortion pill looks like:
Misofem_tablets abortion Myanmar

miso-fem ortho 12 abortion pills in Myanmar


Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Myanmar?

  • Pathfinder International – Quality reproductive health services that women and families of Myanmar deserve.
    Email: communications@pathfinder.org
  • Mae Tao Clinic – The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) is a health service provider and training centre, established to contribute and promote accessible quality health care among displaced Burmese and ethnic people along the Thai-Burma border.
  • Gender Equality Network: a diverse and inclusive network of civil society organisations, national and international NGOs, and Technical Resource Persons working to bring about gender equality and fulfilment of women’s rights in Myanmar.
    Tel: +95 9 42114 4394
    Facebook click here

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