Abortion in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of three countries in Central America that do not recognize any legal grounds for terminating a pregnancy, placing it in a scenario of serious violation of women’s human rights.


Is abortion legal in Nicaragua?

Abortion is completely criminalized. No grounds are permitted for terminating a pregnancy.


What are the abortion services available in Nicaragua?

Only post-abortion care is provided in some public health units. This is recognized in the protocol for the management of obstetric complications, from 2013.


Who can provide a safe abortion in Nicaragua?

Nobody is legally authorized to provide abortion services.

It is possible to access these services clandestinely and safely, but due to current legislation and the context of persecution, this information is provided very discreetly.


Where can I go for abortion services in Nicaragua?

Post-abortion care is an option in the country because it is included as an obstetric complication, but no health center provides abortion services, not even in circumstances where the woman’s life is at risk, the fetus has severe congenital malformations, or the pregnancy is the result of sexual violence.

There are some clinics that might provide services, but due to the legal framework in the country, this information can only be obtained by consulting some international entities.


What is the cost of a safe abortion in Nicaragua?

In a private clinic, the cost can range between USD 300–USD 500. These are clandestine centers.


Which abortion pills are available in Nicaragua?

Only misoprostol is available. Brands such as Cytotec, distributed by Pfizer, are included in the guidelines for the management of some obstetric complications and for gastric use purposes.

Where can I buy abortion pills in Nicaragua?

They can be purchased with a prescription at pharmacies in the country. However, accessing prescriptions is not that easy. A box of 28 pills costs around USD 25.

There are providers on social media, but sometimes they are scams. There are regional (Colombia, Mexico, Argentina) or international entities that offer information and ways to safely access them.


What are the post-abortion care services available in Nicaragua?

All national reference health units and departmental hospitals in the country are required to provide post-abortion care, especially specialized health units such as the National Women’s Hospital Bertha Calderon Roque, Dr. Fernando Velez Paiz Hospital, Carlos Marx Hospital (formerly German Hospital), and in the social security hospitals INSS.

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