Abortion in Niger

Niger is a highly religious country where abortion issues are very sensitive. However, the law allows abortion under certain conditions and abortion pills are available on prescription at the pharmacy; methods of surgical abortions are also available


Is abortion legal in Niger?

In Niger, the voluntary termination of pregnancy is legal when the pregnancy is the consequence of rape or an incestuous relationship. It is also permitted when the continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life and health of the pregnant woman or when there is a high probability that the fetus will have a particularly serious condition.

However, post-abortion care services are legal, though implementation and access remains mired by challenges.


What are the different post-abortion care services available in Niger?

The two types of post-abortion care services available in Niger are classified as:

  • Medical methods: Using pills, such as Misoprostol (Ace-Miso, Cytotec); and
  • Surgical methods: Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA).

Who can provide post-abortion care services in Niger?

Legal abortion services can be performed either by a gynecologist, general practitioner, or midwife. Untrained providers can often cause more harm than good. In addition, religious, social, and provider stigma deters many women from seeking out these services.


Where can I go for post-abortion care services in Niger?

Post-abortion care services can be accessed at both government and private health facilities.


What abortion pills are available in Niger?

The two abortion pills that are available in Niger are:

  • Misoprostol, which is available under the brand names Ace-Miso and Cytotec; and
  • Mifepristone, which, in association with Misoprostol, is available under the brand name Mifepak.

Where can I buy abortion pills in Niger?

Misoprostol is available in pharmacies, but cannot be sold without a prescription.


Some pharmacists might sell the abortion pills without a prescription; however, they do not often provide proper instructions on eligibility, dosage, and usage. Please refer to the following page on our website for comprehensive instructions on how to use the pill: https://www.howtouseabortionpill.org/howto/

Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Niger?

The following organizations may be able to provide information and support on sexual and reproductive health in Niger:

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