Abortion in Singapore


Is abortion legal in Singapore?

In Singapore, abortion services are legal. Furthermore, there is no legal requirement for parental consent for minors and there is no defined limitation on age according to the Singapore Termination of Pregnancy (ToP) Act. The one caveat is if you are below 14 years of age – this is deemed to be statutory rape, and thus will have to be reported to your parents and the police.

In addition, abortion services are not allowed for pregnancies beyond 24 weeks (6 months) unless there is the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has a severe abnormality. In such cases, approval must be obtained from necessary authorities for the abortion to be conducted. Abortion services are usually only available to citizens of Singapore; however, foreigners may be eligible for abortion services if they meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • They are married to a citizen of Singapore or hold PR status.
  • They have been residing in Singapore for 4 months or more.
  • They hold or are the wife of a holder of a non-temporary work or employment permit pass.
  • The life of the woman is endangered and an abortion is immediately necessary.

What are the different abortion services available in Singapore?

  • Medical Abortions within 8 weeks or less by pill (Misoprostol, Cytotec)
  • Surgical Abortions using Manual Vacuum Aspiration (8-12 weeks)


After 14 weeks of pregnancy, the preferred method is medical abortion in combination with evacuation (removal of remnant tissue), performed under general anesthesia.


Who can perform abortion services in Singapore?

Only gynecologists are allowed to conduct an abortion in Singapore.


Where can I go for abortion services in Singapore?

The most common place to get an abortion is at a public hospital, or a private abortion clinic.
The public hospitals in Singapore that carry out abortions are:

  • KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (+65 6225 5554)
  • Singapore General Hospital (+65 6222 3322)
  • National University Hospital (+65 6779 5555)


The Abortion Law act requires that the woman undergo brief counseling by a qualified abortion counselor at any accredited abortion clinic.

Girls under 16 years of age have to undergo mandatory counseling at the Health Promotion Board Counseling Centre , except in the case of rape. They will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance (COA) without which they will not legally be allowed to have an abortion.


What is the cost of a safe abortion in Singapore?

The cost of abortion depends on where the service was provided and how far along the pregnancy is.

    • Private clinic (I, 000 – 3,000 Singapore Dollars)
    • Public Hospital (750 -1,500 Singapore Dollars)

What are the legal and safe medical abortion drugs available in Singapore?

  • Misoprostol (Cytotec)

Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Singapore?

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