By: Claire and are teaming up this week for an exciting announcement: both websites have expanded their instructions for an abortion with pills to include pregnancies up to 11 weeks.

Previously, HowToUse and safe2choose had limited instructions to a 10 week pregnancy window. But newly released 2020 clinical guidelines from the National Abortion Federation (NAF) now offer modified protocols for pregnancies up to 11 weeks, a step which will undoubtedly increase access to safe abortion care for women around the world.

Abortion With Pills Up To 11 Weeks

NAF has been a leader in abortion policy, research, advocacy and care since its founding in 1977. The professional association of abortion providers is rooted most firmly in the United States, but extends throughout North America. NAF has also spearheaded training and education programs in countries around the world.

Every two years, NAF updates its Clinical Policy Guidelines For Abortion Care. The 2020 edition was the first NAF guidelines to include care instructions for pregnancies up to 77 days, or 11 weeks.

The 2020 NAF guidelines also acknowledged for the first time that medication abortion through telemedicine, or remote medical care, is a safe option1. Multiple studies, including research from both Northern Ireland2 and the United States3, have proven that telemedicine abortion care is equally safe and effective as in-person care.

Expanding Abortion Access At HowToUse And safe2choose

HowToUse and safe2choose are sister platforms that collaborate closely to share resources, amplify messages, and further their respective work. The two teams align in their values and beliefs: abortion is a critical component of health care, access to safe abortion is a fundamental human right, and the internet is a powerful tool to share information and resources that can bridge unnecessary barriers to care.

Thus, with the release of the 2020 NAF guidelines, both websites are proud to update their online protocols to reflect the new 11 week standard.

“If given the right information and support, women are totally capable of handling their own abortions with pills at home up to 11 weeks,” said Pauline, manager of “By acknowledging the safety of this procedure through telemedicine, NAF is empowering more women all over the world to exercise their reproductive choices in their own terms. We hope that research will continue to support the expansion of the self-managed abortion gestational limit; and in the meantime, safe2choose is well-equipped to refer women above 11 weeks to trusted on-the-ground providers.”

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Claire is a teacher, reproductive rights advocate, and the manager of