Even if you aren’t a fan of artificial intelligence and everything that comes with it, you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT if you’re an avid internet user. This one is clearly a big deal.

The tool from OpenAI allows you to ask any question and initiate a natural conversation. It then offers conversational and natural responses. It derives the information it gives out from huge volumes of information on the internet. It’s not smart enough to replace humans yet, but it is creative and has caught the attention of several users around the globe.
However, OpenAI warns that some answers given by the tool might be stilted and can’t be fully relied on for everything important.

I recently came across a blog post by a pro-life activist about how he was impressed by the answers he got from ChatGPT after asking questions about abortion. In summary, ChatGPT gave answers that backed the pro-life movement by giving answers like “abortion kills babies; people who kill babies should be punished to the fullest extent by law.” Even though it might seem that these answers are in favour of pro-lifers, I beg to differ.
It is important to note that abortion terminates a pregnancy and results in the elimination of the foetus, not a baby. At the stage of safe or legal abortion, there is only a foetus, not a human being.

The foetal stage begins 10 weeks after the last period and lasts until the baby is born.In the blog post, when asked, “Does abortion kill?” Chat GPT replies, “Abortion terminates a pregnancy and results in the death of the foetus or embryo.” The pro-lifer goes on to twist the answer given by ChatGPT by writing that abortion kills.

The tool’s answer to whether people who kill babies should be punished cannot apply to abortion seekers because at the point where most abortion seekers decide to terminate their pregnancy, it is a foetus and not a baby. With this knowledge, abortion seekers can’t be called baby murderers, and the laws should not apply to them.
From the overall answers given by the tool, one would think it has been programmed to be pro-life. This shows how biased and unreliable the tool can be if depended on for matters of this magnitude.

Abortion is not the direct killing of a human being residing in the mother’s body. It is simply the termination of the foetus for several valid reasons.
It’s noteworthy that the answers given by ChatGPT are based on information picked up on the internet. It’s fallible to fully rely on the conversations with the tool as they are. Since its introduction, it has been plagued with unhinged conversations and unreliable conversation pointers.

The answers you get from the tool might be riddled with factual errors. The answers might sound right and even authoritative, but they may be entirely wrong.
ChatGPT might be a helpful tool to many users around the globe, but it is important to know that the answers given by the tool may not be viable and factual enough for the discussion of certain issues like abortion. Find a trusted source to confirm any abortion-related information you get from the app before using it.