The Indiana abortion ban, having come into effect in August 2023, has imposed significant restrictions on access to abortion services within the state. These restrictions have three narrow exceptions: 1) Serious fetal abnormalities, 2) situations where the pregnant person’s life or health is at risk within the first 20 weeks post-fertilization, and 3) instances of rape or incest within the initial 10 weeks post-fertilization. Furthermore, the ban limits abortion to hospitals and surgical centers owned by hospitals, prohibiting abortion at abortion clinics. As a result, the near-total ban leaves many people without access to this basic healthcare service. 

Indiana’s abortion ban comes in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States. The Roe v. Wade decision was overturned in the summer of 2022, heightening the debate surrounding abortion rights in the US as several states began banning abortion within their jurisdiction. 

Access to Abortion in Other States

Currently, more than 15 states have banned abortion in the US – either completely or with very limited exceptions. However, there are still many states that are protecting the right to access abortion services and they include the states on the East Coast such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusett, and Maine; and on the West Coast such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. 

As is obvious, the laws and regulations governing abortion vary from state to state. Some states close to Indiana may have more lenient laws, while others may have similar restrictions. 

What Are Your Options as an Indiana Resident

Living in Indiana doesn’t mean you’re without choices when it comes to accessing abortion services, even with the existing ban. Let’s dive into these alternatives:

  • Abortion within the state: As we have mentioned above, there are some exceptions to Indiana’s abortion ban. If you want to access abortion, you can visit hospitals or surgery centers offering abortion services in the state if you fit the state criteria for getting an abortion.  
  • Telemedicine Abortion: Another option is to access telemedicine services, which allow you to consult with a healthcare provider remotely and learn about having an abortion with pills yourself. However, many states including Indiana have been tinkering with telemedicine laws as well and it would be important to stay up to date about the latest rules and restrictions, and plan accordingly.
  • Travel to Other States: One of the safest and surest ways to access abortion is to travel to states with fewer or no abortion restrictions. This requires thorough planning and we will provide you some tips for that. 

Abortion in Another State 

If you are an Indiana resident and want to get an abortion in another state due to the ban on abortion in Indiana, here’s what you need to do: 

Plan ahead

  • Firstly, research and thoroughly understand the abortion laws and regulations in both Indiana and the state you intend to visit. 
  • Identify reputable healthcare providers in the destination state who offer abortion services, and contact them as soon as possible to make an appointment. 
  • Keep copies of your medical records related to the pregnancy, as they may be required by the healthcare provider in the destination state. 

Manage finances

  • Determine the cost of the abortion procedure and associated expenses. Be prepared for potential additional expenses like travel, accommodation, and childcare if necessary.
  • Check whether your health insurance covers abortion services. 
  • Investigate whether there are abortion funds or nonprofit organizations that can provide financial assistance or support with travel expenses. 


  • Plan your travel logistics in advance. This includes booking transportation,  accommodations, and making arrangements for someone to accompany you if needed. 
  • Consider the timing of your trip carefully, especially if there are waiting periods in the destination state. 
  • Reach out to friends or family members who can provide emotional support during this process. 
  • Discuss post-abortion care with your healthcare provider. 

Finding Support

We hope this blog gives you an idea about your options when seeking abortion services. If you still have questions or are confused, you can reach out to us via our website At HowToUseAbortionPill, we provide fact-based information about abortion in multiple languages. We are a community working to equip people with the resources they need to safely navigate abortion, no matter where they are.