If your partner is thinking about having an abortion, there are many ways you can show your support and love to help her through this experience. Your partner is the only one who can make the decision to have an abortion or not. However, just being there can make a difference. Abortion is still surrounded by a lot of stigma and judgment, which can cause feelings of shame and loneliness. It can also make it hard to talk about abortion openly. This is why it is important to show support and be helpful as a partner.

Extending Emotional Support

Helping your partner with the decision is a way of showing support. However, remember that it’s her choice. Don’t be judgemental or forge your opinion on her. Let her talk about it if she wants to and listen to her. It can be good for your partner to know that the decision to have an abortion is made as a unit and that she has your support, but your partner might also want to make the decision by herself. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding abortion, which can make women feel ashamed or guilty, and can even lead to having unsafe abortions.It is important to show support in the decision to help quiet any voice of guilt. This can make your partner feel much easier about her decision.

Extending Financial Support

Financial support can help your partner have a safe abortion. . Paying for the abortion or part of the cost of the procedure is also another way of showing your partner that you support her decision to have an abortion. This can elevate the financial strain the procedure can cause. In low-income countries, many unsafe abortions stem from lack of information, restrictive legal contexts and the inability to afford safe methods of abortion. So when women resort to local remedies, it can be partly because they cannot pay the required amount for a safe method. Providing financial support can help your partner have a safe abortion.

Support During and After the Abortion

  • It’s also important to support your partner during an abortion. Your partner might be very nervous from the thought of having an abortion and possibly not in the best state to drive. It can be helpful to drive them to get the abortion pills, or to the hospital or an abortion facility for the procedure. Not having to drive there will do good for them. Again, being with them during the abortion is also a very supportive thing to do. Having their partner around and knowing that they are not alone can allow them to relax more.
  • After an abortion, rest is required. Make sure your partner can have some rest. Not having to worry about chores goes a long way. You can help by taking charge of any chores they are responsible for till they are better. You can also help by providing pain medication (like ibuprofen) or sanitary pads. To ensure that they are safe physically and emotionally, it would be good and supportive to stay the night during and after the abortion if you do not live together.
  • It is key to provide your partner with a safe and supportive environment during and after an abortion. Just like before the abortion, assuring your partner about your support of her decision is important. Your partner may also need reassurance that their decision to go through with the procedure was the right one. Going through an abortion can produce a mix of emotions. Some women feel sad, but many women also feel relief after having an abortion. . Be understanding and supportive of all the feelings that your partner may experience during the abortion process. Having an abortion can be lonely, hence, it is pertinent that your partner is given as much support you can provide to make the journey easier.

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