There are several questions and doubts connected with pregnancy after abortion. Such as does having an abortion will cause future infertility or problem in achieving a healthy pregnancy, how soon one can get pregnant after abortion, etc. In this blog, we will be talking about all these aspects to relearn and unlearn some facts linked with Pregnancy After Abortion.

I remember almost about 6 years back when a friend of mine went for an elective medical abortion. A registered gynecologist and obstetrician in India told her not to do so. According to her since it was her first child she should not opt for abortion as it will lead to complications in her future pregnancy. Fortunately, she was well informed hence she was determined on her decision of getting an abortion. So, she did not change her mind, rather she changed her doctor.

How soon after an abortion can one get pregnant?

Generally, you can get pregnant again as soon as 8 days after a medical abortion. Termination of pregnancy plays an important role in restarting the menstrual cycle, hence ovulation can begin without any indication. This also means that even after an abortion, there are chances you can get pregnant at any time before your first period starts by having an unprotected sex. Therefore, please ensure you are using a contraceptives method that works well for you to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. You can also visit our friends at to learn more.

What is the right time to get a pregnancy test after an abortion:

To ensure abortion was successful you can take a home pregnancy test after terminating a pregnancy. The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone’s high level is responsible for detecting pregnancy in the urine or blood sample. Which is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. After an abortion hCG takes some time of 3 to 4 weeks or more to return to its baseline.

Therefore, you should take a pregnancy test after 4 weeks to avoid false-positive results. If you are taking this test too early there are high chances that it will show false results.

This is also advisable that if the result comes positive after 4 weeks take another test at least after 5 weeks. If the result is still positive, talk to your healthcare provider. So, using an ultrasound they can confirm whether the pregnancy has been terminated successfully or not.

Does abortion affect future pregnancies or infertility?

Medical abortion is considered a very safe and effective way to terminate a pregnancy. This is a myth associated with abortion that it will cause future fertility. As we discussed above that soon after abortion ovulation can start which means pregnancy is possible anytime after abortion. This fact in itself clarifies that there is no connection between infertility and abortion, and it will usually not affect your chances of having normal pregnancies in the future. If you are terminating the pregnancy with help of a healthcare provider, they will most likely suggest you use some type of birth control immediately after an abortion to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Also, abortion does not cause problems in future pregnancies like birth defects, premature birth, infant death, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy. If you still have any concerns linked with medical abortion’s side effects you can go through our FAQ section.

How long one should wait to get pregnant after an abortion:

Getting pregnant is entirely an individual’s choice and decision. The technical aspect of this is that due to the risk of infection it is recommended to wait to have sex for at least one to two weeks to avoid the infection. However, this risk of infection is very low.

It may be also wise to check whether you are emotionally, mentally, and physically ready to get pregnant right now or not. It is highly recommended to check how you are feeling about getting pregnant again. Take time, evaluate things, talk to your healthcare provider if you had complications from the abortion.

A note from HowToUse

Having doubts, concerns linked with your body and future is very Normal. However, there are plenty of myths associated with pregnancy post-abortion owing to various reasons. Therefore, it’s advisable to reach out to reliable sources of information only. This step will help you in debunking the myths and will prepare you to make informed choices.

Why there is no space for myths when it comes to choosing a safe abortion, and why this is an act of self-love and self-care this blog can help you to understand this.

Bio: Kiran is a student of social work and comes with an experience of 8 years in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues.