You’re considering a pregnancy termination with pills, but first you need to know: is it safe? There are so many myths and misunderstandings surrounding abortion that it’s hard to get straight answers. What’s fact? What’s fiction? And how can you be sure you have the information you need?

For answers like these, we turn to the World Health Organization (WHO)- a leading global authority on health and medicine. The WHO separates abortions into three levels of safety :

1. Safe abortions

Safe abortions are supported by a trained health worker and follow WHO abortion protocols. Between 2010-2014, 55% of abortions around the world were considered safe.

2. Less safe abortions

Less safe abortions are either performed by a trained provider using an outdated or unsafe method, or performed by an untrained provider using a safe method. Between 2010-2014, 31% of abortions around the world were considered less safe.

3. Least safe abortions

Least safe abortions are performed by untrained providers using dangerous methods, such as the insertion of objects into the vagina or home remedy treatments. Between 2010-2014, 14% of abortions around the world were considered least safe.

Using abortion pills at home

Despite the above classifications, new research suggests that using medical abortion pills at home with online or remote clinical support is just as safe as medical abortions performed in hospitals. This is in part due to the overall safety and effectiveness of medical abortion pills in early pregnancy.

When mifepristone and misoprostol (the two types of abortion pills) are used together within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, they have a 95-98% rate of effectiveness. If only misoprostol is available, it can be used in repeated doses for an 85% effectiveness rate. As for safety, a medical abortion in early pregnancy is actually statistically safer than carrying a pregnancy to term!

However, in order to achieve this level of efficacy, it is important that the abortion pills are used correctly. For instructions on the safe use of mifepristone and misoprostol in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, you can visit our website here.

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