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After having an abortion with pills, many people are under the impression that there’s a certain amount of time they need to wait before it’s safe to have sex again. In truth, you can resume having sex after an abortion with pills whenever you’d like. It’s just important that you listen to your body, monitor yourself for rare signs of infection, and understand your chance of future pregnancy. In today’s blog, we dive into the details of post-abortion sex.

Sex After An Abortion With Pills

When considering sex after an abortion, it’s helpful to know what you should expect from abortion medication. What will you experience during the abortion process? How will you feel afterwards? Being in touch with your body during this time is key to self-care.

Abortion pills cause your body to expel a pregnancy. This process involves heavy cramping and bleeding. Though the cramping will ease as the pregnancy passes, it’s common for bleeding to continue a few days after the abortion. In fact, some women will spot through the following four weeks. This is normal and is no cause for concern. If you choose to have sex during this time, don’t be alarmed if you see some of this blood.

Other side effects that you may experience during an abortion with pills include nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and a brief rise in temperature. All of these side effects are temporary and should go away on their own. Just be sure to listen to what your body is asking for: it’s normal to want a little extra rest and care after an abortion.

Signs Of Infection After Abortion

Some medical workers will suggest waiting two weeks to resume sex after an abortion with pills to avoid risk of infection. However, this risk of infection is very low, and there are precautions you can take against them- like using a condom.

If you choose not to wait two weeks after an abortion to have sex, be mindful of signs of infection. Though infection is rare, identifying early warning signs will position you to quickly seek appropriate care. Signs of infection include intense abdominal pain, fever, or vaginal discharge that is yellow, green, or foul smelling.

Pregnancy After Abortion

One of the biggest myths about abortion is that it reduces future fertility. This is absolutely false. An abortion with pills will not impact your ability to get pregnant. In fact, it’s possible to get pregnant in the menstrual cycle immediately following an abortion. If you’d like to avoid pregnancy, talk to your healthcare provider about a contraceptive method that works well for you. You can also visit our friends at to learn more.

Bottom Line: Post-Abortion Sex

When it comes to deciding when to have sex after an abortion, we can sum it up with an old favorite of ours: Your body. Your choice.

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