The fight for safe and legal abortions isn’t just for the people who may seek abortions some day. It is one for each and every person who believes that women should have autonomy over their body. The fight for equal and fair sexual and reproductive rights is one for every person who believes in equality, and thus in the ability of making choices. Here’s how you can support the fight for safe and legal abortions:

1. Learn More

No, we don’t mean pick up a book and start cramming the exact date of the very first abortion ever. Learning more refers to understanding the need, the logistics, and the nuances of abortions. The legalities, procedures and accessibility to safe and legal abortions varies in every city – and it becomes increasingly important to be aware of the facts, specially about the area you live in, when you advocate safe and legal abortions. Find the details about abortions in your country here:

How to support the fight for legal abortion

2. Amplify These Voices

As mentioned in a recurring fashion, it is extremely important to amplify the voices of the people who need safe and legal abortions. When you share a social media post, a news report, a blog article – you increase the outreach of this information. Even if this changes a single person’s views, or makes one person feel like they’re not alone and out of options – it’s a great change.

Read about abortion

3. Educate The Ones Around You

A native quote in India states that we need to clean our own houses before we change the world, and that holds true here too. More often than not, the people in your immediate vicinity are the ones who may not be aware about safe and legal abortions, and why they are important. Take some time to make them understand the situation of abortions and how it can be made fair and safe for everyone.

fight for your abortion rights

4. Help The Organisations Working Towards Making Abortions Safe & Legal

The possibility of having organisations in your state that work to make the sexual and reproductive rights space safe and accessible is very strong. Usually, these organisations are run independently and can use any help – financial or voluntary that you may be able to provide. Helping these organisations automatically ensures that you support the fight for safe and legal abortions.

Help The Organisations Working Towards Making Abortions Safe

5. Elect Vote For Leaders That Support Safe & Legal Abortions

If you’re an adult who’s capable of voting, make sure to vote for a leader who supports the cause of safe and legal abortions. Information about who’s running for elections in your area can easily be accessed through their respective national and party websites. Additionally, running specific internet searches about the candidates might help you dig deeper. It is important to elect leaders who support this cause because they’re the ones who eventually facilitate the change in public policies and governmental laws.

Elect Vote For Leaders That Support Safe

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By Harshita Chhatlani
A chai-enthusiast, Harshita is the founder of The Safe Space Project. She is a feminist who believes that the future is intersectional.