Most countries in the world establish certain laws that make abortion legal, under certain very specific conditions. However, most countries have enacted a total ban on abortion. In some states, abortion is highly restricted, but there are exceptions to access the procedure, for example – when it is the product of rape, puts the health or life of the pregnant person at risk, or if the pregnancy is harmful to the pregnant person. In others, the range of circumstances under which an abortion can be accessed is much broader – for example, from a comprehensive health perspective, socio-economic reasons are included.

Restrictions that criminalize abortion do not prevent abortions, but affect the circumstances in which it is performed. Conservatives and anti-abortion lobbyists contribute to perpetuating misinformation, resulting in unsafe practices or generating feelings of guilt for those who decide to seek information.

International human rights bodies have described laws that criminalize abortion as discriminatory and an obstacle for women to have access to adequate information and quality medical care.

Abortion as a human right

Abortion is an issue that is not easy to talk about, many times not even in our closest circles. In many societies, access to abortion is not even thought of as a human right. Both in countries where a legal regime has been reached and in those that are still fighting for the right to abortion, there are processes that function as an obstruction that delegitimizes this right.

However, abortion is clearly linked to several recognized human rights, including the right to autonomy and bodily integrity. Denying access to abortion to those who have decided to end a pregnancy prevents them from exercising their right to decide and control their reproductive health. It is important to understand that sexual and reproductive rights refer to the freedom of people to exercise their sexuality, without any type of abuse, coercion, violence or discrimination.

No matter where you are, you are not alone.

At HowToUse we know that all women and abortion seekers, regardless of where they live, should have access to a safe abortion option. So if you have decided to have an abortion and are looking for information to do so, it is important that you know that here you will find options to safely carry out the process on your own terms, even in contexts with legal restrictions.

In the following link you can chat with “Ally” our safe abortion assistant on Whatsapp or chat with Ally on website. Ally will provide you with information, in addition to connecting you with abortion services, quickly, safely and confidentially. You will be able to instantly access medical abortion protocols at You will also find a series of recommendations to take into account before, during and after the medical abortion procedure.

You can also contact the counseling team, who are medically trained and available to receive your consultations from Monday to Friday.

You will also find a detailed profile by country on the possibilities of accessing the pills. Because when an abortion is performed properly, taking into account your context and circumstances and with correct information, it is a safe and effective procedure. We believe that it is essential that you can talk to someone about what you need, either to tell them about your emotions or to solve your doubts.

Do not put your health at risk, try to get to know the available options, do not take hasty measures and, above all, do not perform any unsafe procedure that could put your health at risk.

Talking about abortion allows us to understand the reality: of all the pregnancies that occur in the world, 25% end in abortions. It allows us to recognize ourselves and be aware that many people have had an abortion, perhaps a friend, a grandmother, an aunt, our mother, ourselves. This is crucial to break with many myths and negative or dramatic meanings that are attributed to abortion. It allows us to see that we are not the only ones going through this situation. From HTU we want that those who need support to have an abortion can express their need without fear, carrying out their decision in the best possible way.

No matter where you live, there are people and organizations dedicated to providing support and sharing information about abortion. Scientifically proven information, updated and appropriate to each context and circumstance, is essential for those who have decided to have an abortion. It is also the key for fighting for legalization and decriminalization of abortion as a fundamental human right for the life of all women.