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Abortion Laws in Brazil

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Is abortion legal in Brazil?

A legal abortion in Brazil is only allowed in the following circumstances:

  • In cases of rape and/or incest (sex with anyone under the age of 14 is automatically defined as rape)
  • In order to save the woman’s life
  • When the fetus suffers from a congenital brain disorder – anencephaly

Any women who procures an abortion for reasons not listed above can face up to three years in prison. In 2013, a new law was passed which no longer required women to prove they were raped in order to access legal abortion services. In addition, the law also covers marital rape, thus allowing wives who have been raped by their husbands to legally procure an abortion.

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What are the different abortion services available in Brazil?

  • Medical Abortion (MA)
  • Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)
  • Dilation & Curettage (D&C)
  • Electric Aspiration
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Who can perform legal abortions in Brazil?

Any trained and licensed medical doctor can perform a legal abortion.

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Where can I go for legal abortion services in Brazil?

Legal abortion services are available at both public and private health institutions.

*Note: Safe abortion services should be available at a wide range of health facilities although the actual number of sites providing the service is unknown. In addition, Brazil’s law allows medical professionals to object to per- forming an abortion on moral and religious grounds.

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What is the cost of a safe abortion in Brazil?

  • Abortion pills can cost anywhere between USD 30 – USD 60 per pill.
  • Surgical abortion procedures can cost between USD 1,400 – 2,500.
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Which abortion pills are available in Brazil?

  • Misoprostol (Cytotec)
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Can I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Brazil?

Abortion pills can be bought at the pharmacy but only with an accompanying prescription.

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Who can I contact for additional information in Brazil?

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