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Abortion Laws in Myanmar

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Is abortion legal in Myanmar?

Abortion in Myanmar is highly restricted and permitted only to save the life of the woman. Imprisonment of up to 3 years and/or a fine will be subjected against any individual who performs an abortion, including women who induce their own abortion and any doctor who performs an abortion risks losing his/her license. The laws that discuss abortion in Myanmar are articles 312-316 of the Myanmar Penal Code. The laws pertaining to abortion were established under the 1860 Burma Penal Code, and have remained unchanged.

Post Abortion Care (PAC) services are available at public facilities, however, many women either do not seek the services due to stigma and quality and safe access to PAC services remains a challenge.

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What are the different Post Abortion Care services available in Myanmar?

  • Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)
  • Misoprostol
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Who can perform Post Abortion Care services in Myanmar?

Aside from public health facilities, NGOs such as Marie Stopes International and IPAS are working with the government to improve PAC services. Marie Stopes International operates in 40 centers in Myanmar and has 50 outreach teams.

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Where can I go for Post Abortion Care services in Myanmar?

While abortion is generally illegal, the Ministry of Health of Myanmar issued a Post Abortion Care Reference Manual in 2015 discussing the necessary steps in order to provide a quality post abortion care. Post abortion care services can be provided at primary and secondary health care centers and facilities.

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How much does a Post Abortion Care service cost in Myanmar?

PAC services can cost anywhere between 70 – 300 US Dollars.

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Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Myanmar?

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