Medical abortion with medicine for belle wey dey between 10-13 weeks

You fit still commot belle wey dey between 10-13 weeks with abortion medicine. But e get some things wey you gas reason.

Pregnancies between 10-13 weeks

Medical Abortion Safety By Week

Belle wey dem commot wen e just dey start sure for us say, e fit no get any gbege. Person fit see wahala as de belle don dey tay inside de woman bodi. De chart wey dey down na to show you how de gbege wey person fit get go plenti because say de belle don dey tay for de woman bodi. Although, gbege fit happen later wen person get belle, at 13 weeks e still dey safe to commot belle with medicine.

Wetin you go see wen you wan commot belle wey don pass 10 weeks?

Blood go come for woman body wen she commot belle with medicine. Dis blood fit pass your normal period and e fit thick. E dey possible make woman wey her belle don reach 10-13 weeks see something wey fit look like tissue. Dis dey normal and you no need shake bodi. Na sign say de abortion dey go well. As wit heavy period, you fit safely troway de thick blood or tissue inside toilet. If you dey live inside country where to commot belle or abortion medicine dey illegal, make sure say you troway anything wey person fit take know with caution.

Di pipo wey write am:

  • All di things wey dem show for dis website na di team write am e dey obey di standards and protocols wey come from di National Abortion Federation, Ipas, di World Health Organization, DKT, International and Carafem
  • Di National Abortion Federation (NAF) na di professional association wey dey provide abortion in North America, dey be leader for people wey dey bring change for legal abortion right. Di things wey dem write on dey in support with di 2020 Clinical Policy Guidelines wey NAF release.
  • Ipas be di only international organization wey focus only on expanding access to safe abortion and contraceptive care. Di things wey dem write for dey in support with di Clinical Latest information In Reproductive Health for 2019 wey Ipas release.
  • Di World Health Organization (WHO) na United Nations dedicated agency wey dey responsible for international public health. Di things wey dem write for dey in support with di 2012 safe abortion technical and policy guidance for health system wey WHO release.
  • DKT International na di registered, non-profit organization wey dey opened in 1989 make e focus di power of social marketing on some of di largest countries wey need family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and safe abortion pass.
  • Carafem na clinic network wey dey provide professional abortion care and family planning wey dey convenient so people fit control and spaced di number of children wey dem wan get.

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