Who We Be

Who We Be

HowToUse na online community wey be say people wey dey run am believe say all women, no matter where dem dey live, dem suppose fit do safe abortion.

about us

Wetin We Dey Do

HowToUse dey share informate about abortion medicine, wetin you need to know, where you fit buy ogbonge abortion medicine, how to use dem wella, wetin to expect and how you fit get help if you need am. We dey here to give women de informate wey dem need to do abortion well dia own way.

Where We Dey Work

HowToUse na company wey dey everywhere for de world – we dey give informate and package for women everywhere. We don translate our website to 30 language. E get any language wey you no see? Contact us on top info@howtouseabortionpill.org


We don try to make sure say every informate for our website dey correct. But we fit change the informate from time to time and de people wey write am no go dey responsible for any informate wey no dey correct at any time.

Di names wey dem mention

Terms and Conditions


As you dey use di Services, you dey agree to all di Terms and Conditions, wey we fit dey update am from time to time. Make you dey check dis page all di time so you go fit notice any changes we fit make to di Terms and Conditions

We get di right to withdraw or amend di Services without warning. You no go hold us responsible if for any reason dis Website no dey available at any time or for any period. From time to time, we fit denie access to some part or all dis Website.

Dis Website fit get links to other websites (di “Sites wey dem don Link”), wey www.howtouseabortionpill.org no dey operate. Dis Website no get control over di Sites wey dem don Link and e no go accept any responsibility for dem or for any loss or damage wey fit come as you dey use dem. Di way you dey take use di Sites wey dem don Link go depend on di terms and condition as as you dey take use am wey dey for each of di site.

Privacy Satement

Our Privacy Satement, wey don explain how we go take use your information, dey for www.howtouseabortionpill.org/#privacy-policy. As you dey use dis Website, you dey agree wit di process wey dem explain for dere and confirm say all di data wey you don provide dey correct.


Di tins wey you no fit do

You must not use di Website anyhow. You no go : do or encourage crime; transfer or spread virus, trojam, worm, software wey dey do like virus or any oda material wey dey harmful, wey dey harm technology, expose information wey suppose dey secret or wey dey offensive in anyway or shocking; enta into any part of di Service; data wey don corrupt; annoy oda pipo wey dey use am, tresspas on di right of any oda pesin wey own property; send any advert or mateials for promotion wey dem no request for, wey dem dey always call “spam” or try to affect how any computer dey perform or wok or enta through dis Website.

If you break dis provision e go cause offense and www.howtouseabortionpill.org go report any break of law to di authorities wey dey stop crime and tell dem who you bi.

You no go hold us responsible for any loss or damage wey attack on di netwok go bring, viruses or oda harmful material for technology wey fit infect your computa equipment, computa programs, data or materials wey di owner get bicus say you dey use di Website or you dey download any material wey dem post for dia, or for any website wey dem link to am.

Ideas wey di Owner create, Software and content

Rights to di ideas wey di owner don create in all software and content (wey include di photo images) wey dem do make e dey available for you or through dis Website still be di property of www.howtouseabortionpill.org or di pipo wey give permision and e dey protected by di agreement wey dem two don write and di copyright law around di world. Dis kind right na www.howtouseabortionpill.org dey keep am and di pipo wey give permision. You fit store, print and show di content wey dem don supply only for your own use. Dem no give you right to publish, manupulate, distribute or else produce am again, in any format, any of di content or copies of di content wey dem supply to you or wey appear for dis Website and not to use such content wey dey connected with any business or business wey dey produce goods and services.

Disclamer Satement

All di contents and materials wey dem provide for di website na only for general information, general discusion, and for only education. Dem provide di content “as e bi,” and as you dey use or depend on di materials dey only at your own risk.

Unda no condition will www.howtouseabortionpill.org go dey responsible for any kind loss or damage, wey go include injury to yourself, wey go come from di tins wey dem post for di Website or any discussion beween pipo wey dey use di Website, weda na for intanet or physical..

Linking to dis Website

You fit link to our home page, only if you do am in a way wey dey fair and legal and e no go damage our reputation or take advantage of it, but you no go establish link in a way wey go suggest any form of association, approval or endoresement from us wia such tin no dey exist. You no go establish a link from any website wey no bi your own. You must not fram dis Website on any oda site, and not create a link to any part of dis Website apart from di home page. We get di right to withdraw permision to link without warning.

Disclaimer as di pesin wey get di trademarks, images of different pipo and copyright of pipo wey no too dey involve.

Except wia dem tok am diffrent all di pipo (wey include dia names and images), trademarks and contents of di pipo wey no too dey involve, services and/or locations wey dem show for dis Website no dey among in any way, linked or attached with www.howtouseabortionpill.org and you no suppose depend on di connection or attachement wey don alreadi dey. Any trademarks/names wey dem show for dis Website na dia owners get dem. Wia dem mention a trademark or brandname dem dey use am only to explain or identify di products and services and e no mean say na www.howtouseabortionpill.org endorse di product or services or e dey connected to dem.


You go gree to compensation, defend and hold www.howtouseabortionpill.org, dia directors, officers, employees, adviser, agents, and members, wey no do any harm, from any claim wey come from pipo wey no too dey involve, debts, damages and/or costs (wey include but e no stop at legal fees) wey dey come from di way you dey take use di Website or break di Terms and Condition.


www.howtouseabortionpill.org go get di right to decide at anyi time witout warning to amend, remove or change di Services and/or any page of dis Website.

E no fit accept

If dem no fit accept any part of di Terms and Condition (wey include any provision wia we comot our debt wey we own you) to make pipo obey any part of di Terms and Condition no go dey affected. Evri oda group of words stay put wit full force and effect. As far as e dey possible wia any group of words/word wey no fit stand alone or part of di group of word/word wey no fit stand alone fit dey seperated to make di psrt wey remain dey valid, dem go interprete di group of words as e suppose to bi. Anoda option, you go gree make dem correct di di group of words and interprete am in a way wey e go resemble di original meaning of di group of words/words wey no fit stand alone as law allow am.


We dey operate on method wey we go take handle complain wey we go use try to solve problems wen dey first start, abeg tell us if you get any complain or comments.

To give up right

If you break dis conditions and we no take any action, we still get power to use our rights and solutions in any oda situation wia you break dis conditions.

All di Agreement

Di Terms and Condition wey dey above include all di agreement of di parties and replace any and all di one wey come before and di agreement wey dey at di same time between you and www.howtouseabortionpill.org. Any right of any provision of di Terms and Condition wey dem give up go dey effective only if dem right am and di Director of www.howtouseabortionpill.org. sign am.

Privacy Satement


www.howtouseabortionpill.org dey undastand and respect di privacy of evribodi wey visit Our Website and go only collect and use information in a way wey go dey useful to you and in a way wey go agree with your rights and duties unda di law.

Dis Law dey affect any and all di data wey we collect as e relate with di way wey you dey take use Our Website. Abeg make you take your time read dis Privacy Satement and make sure say you undastand am. As you accept Our Privacy Satement e suppose to happun di first time wey you use Our Website. If you no accept or agree to dis Privacy Satement, make you stop to dey use Our Website quick quick.”

Dis Law go Cova

Dis Privacy Satement affect only wen you use Our Website. E no carry am go anoda websites wey dem linked to our Website (weda na we provide dos links or weda na oda pipo wey dey use am share am). We no get power over how dem take collect your data, store am or how oda website dey use am and we dey advise you make you dey check di privacy satement of any websites bifor you go give dem any data.

Di Data We Dey Collect

Our Website go collect your General data by imsef. Di one wey dem mention below na di General privacy data wey e fit collect by imsef

  • IP address and di location
  • Di type of web browser and operating system version
  • List of URLs wey dey start with Website wey dem mention, di tins wey you dey do on Our Website

We no dey collect any identification data wey you get and for future if we wan collect di same data dat time we go take permision from pipo wey dey use di site and e no go bi by force.

How We Dey Take Use Your Data?

  • We dey store all general data safely in a way wey go agree with di EU General Data Protection Regulartion (GDPR). We dey use your data dey provide di best service wey we fit give you. Dis includes
    • A.1. To dey provide and manage as you dey take enta Our Website
    • A.2. To dey customize and make your experience on Our Website dey personal to you
    • A.3. To study di way wey you dey take use Our Website [and to dey gada feedback] wey go help us make Our Website beta and make you get good experience as you dey use am.
  • For some cases, di collection of data fit be wetin law want or wetin dem don agree for contract.
  • We go take all steps wey make sense to make sure say we protect your right complete and obey our duties unda di GDPR and oda law wey dey important.

How and Where We Fit Store Your Data?

  • As e bi, we dey keep di general data unless di pesin wey dey use am request say make we delete am. For any event, we go do yearly review to find out weda we suppose keep your data. We go delete your data if we no need am again in a way we go agree with di terms of our Policy.
  • We fit store some or all of your data or transfer am outside di European Economic Area (“di EEA”) (Di EEA include all di EU member states, plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). You suppose accept and agree to dis by using Our Website and to dey submit information to us. If We dey store or transfer data outside di EEA, we go take all steps wey make sense to make sure say your data dey safe and secure as e go be witin di EEA and unda di GDPR. Dat kind steps fit include, but e no go stop at, di way wey you dey take use wetin dem don agree for contract terms wey law dey bind between us and any pipo wey no too dey involve wey we fit engage. Di protection wey we dey use are :
    • B.1. We dey transfer data safely through SSL coded protocol,
    • B.2. We dey store data in code safely in Heroku Servers wey dey for United States.
  • Although di security measure wey we dey take, e dey important to remember say di transfer of data through di internet fit no dey safe completely and we dey advise you make you take precaution wey dey right wen you dey transfer data to us through di internet.

We Dey Share Your Data?

  • We fit share your data with our organization wey dey control oda companies and odas wey dey follow am.
  • We fit hire pipo wey no too dey involve make dem provide you with services wey dey work. Dese fit include search engine facilities, Google analytics, advertising and marketing. For some cases, pipo wey no too dey involve fit dey ask for access to some or all of your general data. Wia dem need any of your data for a purpose, we go collect your permision and take all di steps wey make sense to make sure say dem go handle your data safely, securely, and in agreement with you right, duties, and di duties of di pipo wey no too dey involve unda di law. We dey contract with: <table”>Party Name Purpose <th”>Data Disclosed Google Analytics Make you get di statistics about di impact and di audience Google has its own page for that detail: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6318039?hl=en</th”></table”>
  • We dey follow technical and standard security method wey dey ok and process to protect di confidentiality of users’ information. Di pipo wey We employ, agents and partner, dey do anytin in dia power to protect your information.
  • For inside, wey dey limit access to information of all di pipo wey dey use di website to dos wey need access so dey go fit fulfil dia job responsibilities and for don enta into confidentiality agreement.


We fit gada statistics about di way wey you dey take use Our Website including data on traffic, di pattern wey you dey take use am and oda information. We fit share dat kind of data from time to time with pipo wey no too dey involve. We go only share and use data within di limits of law.

For some circumstances dey fit require by law make we share certain data wey We hold, which fit include general data, for example, wia We dey involve in court to settle problem, wia We dey obey di tins wey di legislation court orda, or a governmental authority want. We no dey need any oda permision from you to share your data in such condition and we go obey as dey want with any request wey dey unda di law wey we make.

Right to Hold back and Remove information

To dey use all di tins wey dem show and di functions wey dey available for Our Website you fit need to submit or allow make dem collect some kind data.

How You Go Take Access Your Data?

You get di right unda law to ask for a copy of any of your personal data wey we hold. Abeg contact us for more information at privacy@howtouseabortionpill.org

We dey use Cookies?

Cookies bi small pieces of information wey website dey put for your computa hard drive. Cookies no dey collect any data wey get secret personal information from you. We dey use cookies dey examine data about our web page traffic, wey dey help us save di ones wey you like most if you wan visit again tomorrow. Dis dey allow us to dey customise our website according to your interest, wey go help us deliver a more personalised service to our customers. You fit choose to accept or reject cookies. Abeg make you know say if you reject cookies you fit no use our website to di highest capability.

Our Website dey use Google Analytics, Piwik and Vimeo to collect data and examine di number of pipo wey dey use am, dey help us to undastand beta how pipo dey take use Our Website. Di way we dey take use dem no dey pose any risk to your privacy or how you dey take use our website safely. E dey help Us to continue to improve Our Website, e dey make am dey beta and make you to get good useful experience as you dey use am.

Websites wey we don Link

Dis Website fit contain links to oda websites. Abeg make you no say we no dey responsible for di privacy practices of dat kind of websites. We dey encourage pipo wey dey use am make dem no wen dem leave dis Website and to dey read di privacy statement of each website wey dem visit. As we dey dey careful to dey choose di websites to link, dis Privacy Warning dey affect only di information wey dey on our Website.

Third party services

We have engaged with Jio Haptik Technologies Limited for providing chatbot services on our website. You can read their privacy policy by clicking on https://haptik.ai/privacy-policy/

Make you dey contact Us

If you get any question about Our Website or dis Privacy Satement, abeg make you contact us through email at privacy@howtouseabortionpill.org

Abeg make sure say your question dey clear, especially if e bi request for information about di data wey we hold about you.

Changes for Our Privacy Satement

We fit change di Privacy Satement as we tink say e dey necessary from time to time, or as di law go want am. We go post any changes on Our Website quick quick and you suppose to don accept di terms of di Privacy Satement on di first time wey you use Our Website following di changes. We dey recommend make you dey check dis page from time to time to keep up-to-date.

Di pipo wey write am:

  • All di things wey dem show for dis website na di HowToUseAbortionPill.org team write am e dey obey di standards and protocols wey come from di National Abortion Federation, Ipas, di World Health Organization, DKT, International and Carafem
  • Di National Abortion Federation (NAF) na di professional association wey dey provide abortion in North America, dey be leader for people wey dey bring change for legal abortion right. Di things wey dem write on HowToUseAbortionPill.org dey in support with di 2020 Clinical Policy Guidelines wey NAF release.
  • Ipas be di only international organization wey focus only on expanding access to safe abortion and contraceptive care. Di things wey dem write for HowToUseAbortionPill.org dey in support with di Clinical Latest information In Reproductive Health for 2019 wey Ipas release.
  • Di World Health Organization (WHO) na United Nations dedicated agency wey dey responsible for international public health. Di things wey dem write for HowToUseAbortionPill.org dey in support with di 2012 safe abortion technical and policy guidance for health system wey WHO release.
  • DKT International na di registered, non-profit organization wey dey opened in 1989 make e focus di power of social marketing on some of di largest countries wey need family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and safe abortion pass.
  • Carafem na clinic network wey dey provide professional abortion care and family planning wey dey convenient so people fit control and spaced di number of children wey dem wan get.
HowToUseAbortionPill.org dey associated with di 501c(3) organization wey no be for profit wey di head quarters dey registered for U.S.
HowToUseAbortionPill.org dey bring message wey dem plan for only information purpose and e no dey associated with medical organization.