Before You Use De Medicine

Make you dey sure say you know am well well and you dey prepared bifo you go do abortion with tablets.

1. Pregnancy calculator
2. Wetin you need reason
3. General Advice
4. Get safety plan
Pregnacy calculator

Pregnancy calculator

How long your belle don dey? Research talk say belle wey dem take medicine commot na im dem dey recommed most times for belle wey neva reach 13 weeks since you last see your period. Use pregnancy calculator take know how long your belle don dey since your last period.

If your last period start on or after:

29 Ọgọst 2022

You fit still use abortion medicine.

Wetin you need reason

If you get intrauterine contraceptive device inside your uterus (e.g. IUD coil or progesterone IUD) you gas commot am. You must commot your IUD before you take your abortion medicine.

If you get HIV, make sure say your case no dey worse, you dey take antiretroviral medicine and your health dey make sense.

If you dey worri about how you wan take keep your abortion secret, make you put di abortion tablet unda di tongue instead of vagina. E go hard o, but if gbege happen and you need to see your healthcare people sharp sharp, dem fit still see de medicine for your toto. For some country, dem fit report you if dem see de medicine for inside your toto.

If you dey give pikin breast suck, Misoprostol fit dey make your pikin shit anyhow. To no let am happen, give your pikin breast suck, take de medicine, wait four hours before you give your pikin breast suck again.

If you get anemia (make iron low inside person blood), you need find healthcare person wey im place dey like 30 minutes from you so dat you go fit help you wen you need am. If you dey anemic, go meet doctor first before you take de abortion medicine.

General Advice

No eat too much (e.g crackers, toast fit help you no feel like you wan vomit).
Drink plenti water throughout de whole process.
Wen you use de Misoprostol medicine, dey your area (like your house) where you fit get privacy and you fit lie down if you want, for some time after you don use de medicine.
To get person wey go dey with you and take care of you make sense well well.
You fit take ibuprofen before you use Misoprostol to help reduce dey belle pain wey you go dey feel.
Get back up plan before you take de abortion medicine in case you need emergency medical care.

Get safety plan

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists talk say de first trimester medical abortion na im be one of de safest medical procedures. But make you dey always prepare incase any gbege happen and you need medical care sharp sharp. Reason our question wey dey down to help you get back up safety plan in case you need am.

You need fit reach de place inside 1 hour or less. (if you get anemia, you need reach there inside 30 minutes.)

Shey person dey wey go drive you? Shey you go take taxi? Public transport? How much be de money and shey dem dey available 24 hours? Remember say, e no safe to drive yourself go hospital wen you get emergency.

Shey medical abortion or belle wey you do for house dey against de law for where you dey live? Wetin you fit tell your doctors so dat dem go understand de kain help wey you need, but no let anybody know? We fit help you if you still dey reason wetin you wan tell dem.

For some country, medical abortion or belle wey dem commot for house dey against de law. Wetin dis one mean be say if you get medical emergency, you need to dey careful wit de kain yarn wey go dey commot for your mouth. Medical abortion resemble make person get miscarriage (dem dey also call am spontaneous abortion). You fit talk dis kain thing.

  • I no know wetin dey happen o. I just start to dey see blood.
  • I dey see blood, but e no be like my normal period.
  • All of a sudden I just start to see blood and I dey fear say gbege don happen.

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