Other questions wey people dey always ask

Make you no confuse abortion with methods wey no go let belle enter (contraceptive methods, wey include emergency contraception). Contraceptive methods dey prevent ovulation (wey be to release egg) or e dey stop de egg and sperm to make sure say dem no meet. You no fit use dis contraceptive method, wey also include emergency contraception, to commot belle wey don tay. If you wan sabi more about contraceptive methods, make you go

Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) na medicine wey dey safe to use so dat belle no go enter after you nack without protection. Dem dey work to prevent ovulation (wey be to release egg) or to stop de egg and sperm to make sure say dem no meet. ECPs no go commot belle wey don tay. ECPs no be the same thing with medical abortion regiments (wey include mifepristone and misoprostol). Both of de treatments dey very important for women to born well everywhere for world.

Na two types of abortion methods full area pass: 1) Medical abortion: Medical abortions dey use pharmacological medicine to commot belle. Sometimes, dem dey also call am “non-surgical abortion” or “abortion with medicine”.
2) Surgical abortion: For surgical abortion matter, person wey qualify to do the work go empty the uterus from de cervix to commot de belle. De procedures wey dem dey use be manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and dilatation and evacuation (D&E).

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