Who fit use abortion medicine?

No, use de same number of medicine we recommend for everybody. People wey sabi don talk say no be by size. You no need to take more medicine, de same number of medicine go work for you as e take work for person wey slim.

Whether na one o, or na ten, you no need change de number of medicine wey you suppose take. As e be for one, na so e go be for twins.

No, every pregnancy no be de same. If you don use abortion medicine before, you no need more medicine if you wan use am again. Na de same thing.

If you get intrauterine contraceptive device for your uterus (e.g. the coil or the progesterone IUD), you must commot before your medical abortion.

If you dey give pikin breast suck, Misoprostol fit dey make your pikin shit anyhow. To no let am happen, give your pikin breast suck, take de medicine, wait four hours before you give your pikin breast suck again.

If you get HIV, make sure say your case no dey worse, you dey take antiretroviral medicine and your health dey make sense.

If you get anemia (make iron low inside person blood), you need find healthcare person wey im place dey like 30 minutes from you so dat you go fit help you wen you need am. If you dey anemic, go meet doctor first before you take de abortion medicine.

No, if you use abortion medicine early e dey safe even if you use C-section born before.

Nothing done show say Mifepriston fit let pikin wey dem born get problem. But Misoprostol fit make pikin get problem.If you use Misoprostol and you still get belle, you fit get natural miscarriage. If you no get miscarriage and you born de pikin after 9 months, 1% chance say your pikin fit get problem dey (one pikin inside 100 dey get problem).

No, e no safe to use abortion medicine if you know say e possible make you get ectopic pregnancy. Because you do tubal ligation, we know say wound don dey your tube (fallopian tubes). Dat fit be de reason why your last belle be ectopic pregnancy. De fallopian tubes where woman egg go meet de man sperm. De belle go first start to de grow for de tube to de womb. If your tube get wound, belle wey just start fit dey for tube. As de belle dey grow, e fit break de tub open. If de tube break, e fit cause major bleeding inside your bodi and person fit one die. You fit get anoda ectopic belle. You use de abortion medicine by yourself until your healthcare person say he dey sure say de belle dey you womb, no be for your tubes.

First of all, you must know say most women no go know say na dia case be dis unless dem do ultrasound. You no fit commot ectopic pregnancy for country where e no dey legal for women to commot belle, you go need to go through legal procedure before you go fit commot de belle.


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