About Medical Abortion

Many country get law as e take concern whether person go fit do abortion and how dem go take use medicine take commot belle. For many countries where dem no gree make women do abortion, most doctors recommend say make dem use Mifepristone and Misoprostol inside de first 13 weeks wey dem get belle, but Misoprostol by imself dey work well well inside de first 13 weeks wey person get belle. De sign of abortion with medicine resemble say make person get miscarriage, and abortion with medicine dey safe for women to use by dia self.

About Medical Abortion
How it Works Abortion Pills

How e dey Wok

De work medicine wey dem dey use commot de belle na to relax de cervix and to open am (de uterus go open), and cuse de uterus go contract, dis go commot de belle sharp sharp.

Wit Misoprostol, inside de first 1 to 2hours wey you take de first set of medicine and e don enter bodi, you go start to dey feel pain for your belle and you go dey see blood. De abortion go happen inside 24 hours wey you take de last set of Misoprostol medicine. Many time sef, e go happen before dat time.

If You dey Worri

If you dey concerned say you go fit tell wen de belle tissue pass. E fit resemble one small dark grapes and thin membranes; or one small sac wey white dey around am, e soft. E depend on how long de belle don dey, dis tissue fit small pass your fingernail, like de size of your thumb. If you fit sabi dis tissue, dat na sign say de belle don commot. Many times, de tissue dey dey inside thick blood. You fit no even see am sef unless you look am well well.

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