After You Use De Medicine

Two types of medical abortion dey. Two of dem dey work well well:

After Use Pills

Wetin you fit feel after you don use abortion medicine?

After you use Mifepristone:

Some women fit dey see small small blood after dem take Mifepristone. Others no dey see anything. Both of dem dey normal.

After you take Misoprostol:

Belle pain and make blood dey come out na dem be de main wahala. Dis sign dey important because dem go show say de medicine dey work. But how de belle pain and de blood wey go dey come out go plenti reach?

For some women, de belle pain no be for here o – e pain pas de one wey person go feel wen dia period wan come (dat na if you dey get belle pain wen your period dey come).

For some women, de blood wey go dey come out go plenti pass dia normal period. E dey common to see thick thick blood inside de first few hours after you don take Misoprostol. De size of de thick blood go depend on how long your belle don dey.

For other women, de belle pain na sma and de blood dey normal like dia normal period.

No fear if de belle pain and de blood wey dey come out plenti pass your normal period

If you de belle pain wey you dey feel no be for here, Ibuprofen na good medicine to help you with de pain. You fit buy Ibuprofen 200 mg for where dem dey sell medicine (with no prescription) for most country. Take 3-4 medicine (200 mg each) every 6-8 hours. Dis suppose make you feel betta.

You fit drink and chop as you like.

Try to stay where comfortable until you don feel betta.

Most women dey feel betta before 24 hours go reach.


two weeks after your abortion, if you do pregnancy test, e go still show say you get belle because de hormone of person wey get belle go still dey your bodi. If you dey feel like say belle still dey your bodi (your breast soft, you dey feel like say you wan vomit, you dey tire anyhow, etc) after you don use de medicine, go see your doctor.

Wetin I go take know say gbege don happen?

Wen person dey commot belle, de signs wey dey up, dey normal. Shine your eyes. If you see any de signs wey dey down, e fit mean say gbege wan happen.

Too much blood.

If you don soak 2 normal pad every hour for 2 hours straight after you think say de belle don commot, dis na too much blood. You need to go see your healthcare people if you don dey see too much blood like dis. Wen we say soak, e mean say blood full de pad, from front to back, from left to right and center, de blood just full yakata.

De pain no be for here.

If de pain wey you dey feel no be here and e no get betta even after you don take Ibuprofen, go meet your healthcare people. Dis kain pain fit mean say you don dey get belle gbege. Pain wey ibuprofen no fit stop fit be say alarm don dey blow. We dey suggest say any woman wey get belle and dey get pain gas go get medical care.

You dey sick.

Your bodi fit dey hot, you dey feel like say you wan vomit and you dey vomit de day wey you take Misoprostol. Dis dey normal. You suppose feel betta and betta as day dey pass after you don use de abortion medicine. You no suppose to dey feel sick. If you feel sick pass de day wey you use Misoprostol, you suppose go meet your healthcare people.

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