Abortion medicine Contraindications

Make you no confuse abortion with methods wey no go let belle enter (contraceptive methods, wey include emergency contraception). Contraceptive methods dey prevent ovulation (wey be to release egg) or e dey stop de egg and sperm to make sure say dem no meet. You no fit use dis contraceptive method, wey also include emergency contraception, to commot belle wey don tay. If you wan sabi more about contraceptive methods, make you go

You fit get belle again as soon as 8 days after you do medical abortion. If you nack, make you use contraceptives to prevent belle wey you no plan.

For some women, de belle pain no be for here o – e pain pass de one wey person go feel wen dia period wan come (dat na if you dey get belle pain wen your period dey come) and de blood wey go dey come out go plenti pass dia normal period. You fit commot blood wey thick like de size of lemons for de first few hours after you don take misoprostol. For other women, de belle pain dey small and blood fit be like dia normal period.

Make you no use abortion medicine for house if your belle don pass 13 weeks; if mifepristone or misoprostol no good for your bodi; if you get serious health problems like make blood dey thick; or if you think or know say de belle dey grow outside your womb (ectopic pregnancy)

Na two types of abortion medicine dey, and dem dey work in different way. Mifepristone dey block de hormone wey de belle need to grow while de ingredient wey dey inside Misoprostol na to relax de cervix and to open am (de uterus go open), and cause de uterus go contract, dis go commot de belle sharp sharp.

No, use de same number of medicine we recommend for everybody. People wey sabi don talk say no be by size. You no need to take more medicine, de same number of medicine go work for you as e take work for person wey slim.

Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) na medicine wey dey safe to use so dat belle no go enter after you nack without protection. Dem dey work to prevent ovulation (wey be to release egg) or to stop de egg and sperm to make sure say dem no meet. ECPs no go commot belle wey don tay. ECPs no be the same thing with medical abortion regiments (wey include mifepristone and misoprostol). Both of de treatments dey very important for women to born well everywhere for world.

No, abortion medicine no dey cause problem for future belle

Go meet your healthcare people if you no see blood or na small blood with serious pain (especially for your right shoulder) wey ibuprofen no fit cure. Dis fit be sign of ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy wey de outside de uterus). Although no be every time e dey happen, e fit wan kill person. You fit also contact our friends for www.safe2choose.org to yarn with correct abortion counsellor if you think say the abortion no dey successful.

Misoprostol na to relax de cervix and to open de uterus and cause de uterus go contract, dis go commot de belle sharp sharp.

Whether na one o, or na ten, you no need change de number of medicine wey you suppose take. As e be for one, na so e go be for twins.

Na two types of abortion methods full area pass:
1) Medical abortion: Medical abortions dey use pharmacological medicine to commot belle. Sometimes, dem dey also call am “non-surgical abortion” or “abortion with medicine”.

2) Surgical abortion: For surgical abortion matter, person wey qualify to do the work go empty the uterus from de cervix to commot de belle. De procedures wey dem dey use be manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and dilatation and evacuation (D&E).

No, to use medicine do abortion no go make am hard for you to get belle for future.

Go see your healthcare people If you don soak 2 normal pad every hour for 2 hours straight after you think say de belle don commot, dis na too much blood. Wen we say soak, e mean say blood full de pad, from front to back, from left to right and center, de blood just full yakata.”

Mifepristone dey block de hormone wey de belle need to grow

No, every pregnancy no be de same. If you don use abortion medicine before, you no need more medicine if you wan use am again. Na de same thing.

For extra confam informate, you fit contact our team for info@howtouseabortionpill.org.

Take 3-4 pills (200 mg) every 6-8 hours to help commot de pain. Remember say you fit take Ibuprofen before you use misoprostol sef.

Yes, you fit take Misoprostol for house. Wen you use de Misoprostol medicine, dey your area (like your house) where you fit get privacy and you fit lie down if you want, for some time after you don use de medicine. To get person wey go dey with you and take care of you make sense well well.

If you get intrauterine contraceptive device for your uterus (e.g. the coil or the progesterone IUD), you must commot before your medical abortion.

After de misoprostol don melt, you fit eat as you like. Dry food (e.g crackers or toast) fit help you if you dey feel like say you wan vomit, while green leaf vegetables, eggs, and red meat fit help recover de minerals wey you lose wen you dey commot de belle.

No eat or drink for 30 minutes wen you dey wait make Misoprostol melt. After 30 minutes don pass, you fit drink water to swallow de remaining medicine and in general, drink as much water as you want to dey well well.

If you dey give pikin breast suck, Misoprostol fit dey make your pikin shit anyhow. To no let am happen, give your pikin breast suck, take de medicine, wait four hours before you give your pikin breast suck again.

After de misoprostol don melt, you fit drink any liquid wey you like (except alcohol).

Yes o, you fit drink water to help you push the mifepristone down your belle.

If you get HIV, make sure say your case no dey worse, you dey take antiretroviral medicine and your health dey make sense.

Make you no take alcohol as you dey take treatment so dat de medicine go work well. Alcohol fit also cause uterine bleeding to increase for some cases and make other medicines wey you take to reduce pain or infection to no work well (for women wey dey deal with gbege). De general recommendation be say, make you no take alcohol until you confirm say de abortion don complete and you dey feel well.

Na two ways you fit use misoprostol : you fit put am for your toto or you fit put am under your tongue. But HowToUse advise you say make you put misoprostol for under your tongue because e dey more private (the drug go disappear quick quick and e no go leave any trace for your body) and e no go make you catch bad disease.

If you get anemia (make iron low inside person blood), you need find healthcare person wey im place dey like 30 minutes from you so dat you go fit help you wen you need am. If you dey anemic, go meet doctor first before you take de abortion medicine.

Most women go commot de belle within 4 – 5 hours and dem go feel betta in less dan 24 hours. Na normal thing to continue to see small small shikini shikini blood until your next period wey go come in 3 – 4 weeks.

Both de combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol and only Misoprostol dey work well well. But if e dey available and e no too cost for you, buy de combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

No, if you use abortion medicine early e dey safe even if you use C-section born before.

Na normal thing to feel sick, dey shit anyhow, cold dey catch, or to even feel like say your bodi dey hot during dis time. Most women dey report say dem sabi wen de belle commot because de blood kon dey slow down, and dem dey start to dey feel betta.

98 women out of 100 wey use Mifepristone and Misoprostol complete dia abortion. About 95 women out of 100 use only Misoprostol take complete dia abortion.

Nothing done show say Mifepriston fit let pikin wey dem born get problem. But Misoprostol fit make pikin get problem.If you use Misoprostol and you still get belle, you fit get natural miscarriage. If you no get miscarriage and you born de pikin after 9 months, 1% chance say your pikin fit get problem dey (one pikin inside 100 dey get problem).

Some women fit need to do surgery if dem still get belle after dem don take de medicine. Remember say treatment for abortion wey no complete dey available for around de world. You get right to dis kain service, even if abortion dey legally restricted for your country.

Dem dey use Mifepristone and Misoprostol together because dem dey work well together. Misoprostol na to relax de cervix (to open de uterus) and cause de uterus go contract, dis go commot de belle sharp sharp.

No, e no safe to use abortion medicine if you know say e possible make you get ectopic pregnancy. Because you do tubal ligation, we know say wound don dey your tube (fallopian tubes). Dat fit be de reason why your last belle be ectopic pregnancy. De fallopian tubes where woman egg go meet de man sperm. De belle go first start to de grow for de tube to de womb. If your tube get wound, belle wey just start fit dey for tube. As de belle dey grow, e fit break de tub open. If de tube break, e fit cause major bleeding inside your bodi and person fit one die. You fit get anoda ectopic belle. You use de abortion medicine by yourself until your healthcare person say he dey sure say de belle dey you womb, no be for your tubes.

If you use Misoprostol medicine under your tongue, nobody fit know say you dey use abortion medicine as you go swallow everything after 30 minutes. If person ask, you fit say you get natural miscarriage. If you use Misoprostol for your toto, de bodi of de medicine fit no melt finish for one or two days. If you need to get sharp sharp medical care inside 48 hours, since you put Misoprostol for your toto, de healthcare person fit see de white bodi of de medicine inside your toto. Dat is why dis HowToUse suggest say make you use Misoprostol under your tongue instead fo your toto.

First of all, you must know say most women no go know say na dia case be dis unless dem do ultrasound. You no fit commot ectopic pregnancy for country where e no dey legal for women to commot belle, you go need to go through legal procedure before you go fit commot de belle.


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