Who fit use abortion medicine?

If I don do female sterilization (tubal ligation). E no work and I get belle. De belle kon enter tube (ectopic pregnancy). Now I don get belle again. Shey e dey safe make I use abortion medicine?

No, e no safe to use abortion medicine if you know say e possible make you get ectopic pregnancy. Because you do tubal ligation, we know say wound don dey your tube (fallopian tubes). Dat fit be de reason why your last belle be ectopic pregnancy. De fallopian tubes where woman egg go meet de man sperm. De belle go first start to de grow for de tube to de womb. If your tube get wound, belle wey just start fit dey for tube. As de belle dey grow, e fit break de tub open. If de tube break, e fit cause major bleeding inside your bodi and person fit one die. You fit get anoda ectopic belle. You use de abortion medicine by yourself until your healthcare person say he dey sure say de belle dey you womb, no be for your tubes.


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