Yaa isticmaali kara Kiniinada Ilmo iska soo Tuurista?

Hadii dhiigaagu yaryahay (dhiiga casi ku yaryahay dhiigaaga), raadi bixiye daryeel caafimaad oo aan kaa maqnaan karin in kabadan 30 daqiiqo si uu kaaga caawiyo hadii aad u baahan tahay. Hadii dhiigaagu aad u yaryahay, la tasho dhakhtar ka hor intaanad isticmaalin kiniinka ilmo iskasoo tuurista.

If you have anemia (low iron levels in your blood), identify a health care provider who is no more than 30 minutes away that can help if you need it. If you are very anemic, consult a doctor before using the abortion pill.


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