Singapore, much like Vietnam and Cambodia, allows for legal abortions in accordance to the 2013 United Nations World Abortion Policies. This law was liberalised further in 1974 and abortion was made legal and available to any woman who wanted one.[1] In this article, we trace Abortion Rates And History Of The Abortion Pill In Singapore.

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The 673% increase in safe abortions from 1970 to 1975 highlighted just how eagerly people waited for legal abortions to be a reality in Singapore.[2] According to a recent report, almost 7000 abortions cases were performed legally in 2017.[3] Thanks for Singapore’s diverse and liberal demographics, there is little to none opposition when it comes to accessible methods of abortion.

Early Medical Abortion is becoming widely available, since the 1990’s, in developed countries. Cyotec is the only brand that has provided medical abortion supplies due to regulation and legalisation issues in Singapore.[4]

Due to the restrictive abortion laws in neighbouring countries, there’s been an increase in people traveling to Singapore to access safe abortions.

However, “Foreigners” are only eligible for pregnancy termination/abortion in Singapore if one of the following conditions is applicable –

  • They have been residing in Singapore for 4 months or more
  • They are married to a Singapore citizen or have PR status
  • If they have a work permit

These conditions aren’t valid for foreigners who require evacuation for miscarriage, but the age of legal consent (21 above) will apply in this scenario.[5]

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